Frequently Asked Questions

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Simply go to this link and reset your password. A new password is sent to your email

Yogupay does not hold customer balances. However, if you would like to remit funds you can click this link and access your funds within seconds

It depends on the payment channel used, for mobile payments, the settlement is realtime. Bank transfers may take a while longer. If it takes more than expected duration please contact support for assistance.

Your details are perfectly safe with us, we do not store your card details anywhere, and we only use the top-tier trusted payment gateways to transact on your account.

Payments are sent to mobile wallets and bank accounts. When remitting you may be required to submit these.

Login to your account to access your payments history.

Your settlement may delay for one of the following reasons:
1. Recipient has transacted over the limit for the day
2. network downtime,
3. Insufficient float in our account.
In the last 2 cases we will attempt to resolve within a 24-48hr window. In the first case, we will schedule the transaction to be done 2 minutes after midnight.

When you initiate a transaction, there are several states you need to be aware as follows
  1. Draft: you have not submitted this transaction, will be deleted after 7 days if not completed
  2. Pending remittance: you have submitted the transaction and provided the funds. At this stage we send the money to the recipient. Usually transactions will be in this state for a maximum of 2 mins, if longer please contact support.
  3. Completed: funds sent to recipient. Everything is done, good job.
  4. Network error: for some technical reason we could not complete the transaction. Our team is working on this, max time 24-48hrs.
  5. Rejected: Recipient cannot receive, e.g has exceeded Daily limits or provided number is invalid. Funds in this instance will be rolled back to your account.

We will take you through a simple 2minute process for you to verify all your KYC details. Once you complete your account is ready for use,

We use secure networks and encryption tools to process your information, only storing what is necessary for the transaction.
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